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MedRX Avant 2D+

The AVANT A2D+ Audiometer is an ultra-compact PC-based diagnostic audiometer.   Simply install the operating software then plug the device into any USB 2.0 port of your computer and you are ready to test.

The AVANT A2D+ audiometer software can run stand-alone or from within NOAH . It offers pure tone audiometry via earphones or bone conduction, masking and speech audiometry.

Offers Hearing Loss Simulator, Master Hearing Aid Simulator, Speech Recognition Threshold and optional QuickSIN testing and automated audiometry.

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• PC Based via USB Connection
• Dual Channel Audiometer
• Air, Bone & Speech Functions
• Powerful 3rd Party Counselling tools
• Compact Design (16.5cm x 12.7cm x 3.2cm)
• Stand alone or NOAH compatible