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Classroom SoundField Systems

More than just an amplification system, SoundField systems are designed specifically with the classroom in mind using digital algorithms making speech easier to understand and removing any issues with feedback.

SoundField systems enhance the teacher’s voice enabling students to clearly hear everything that is said. With an array of systems available we can fulfil all requirements. See our range of products and accessories that enhance the classroom and your students learning experience.


Portable and powerful, Front Row Juno is the all-inclusive digital sound system that can be set up in just minutes.

Its multi-speaker 2.1 array delivers excellent stereo sound coverage in an affordable and manageable package.


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Pro Digital

FrontRow Pro Digital is the multi-speaker Teachers Aid that is quick to install and easy to use. By simply wearing the small FrontRow microphone your voice is clearly delivered in a clear superior quality to all students throughout the classroom...

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With its built in rechargeable battery the FrontRow ToGo system is completely portable.

The precision-mounted speaker array gives amazingly even coverage ideal for use in any room including classrooms, staff room, lunchroom or even...

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Lyrik is the ultimate in portable audio solutions. Weighing only 3.7 kgs, it uses a built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that will last up to 8 hours, making it a versatile audio solution for a wide range of teaching and presentation...

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Accessories - Lesson Capture

Using Lesson Capture software with a FrontRow audio system allows you to record and save all of your classes including screen and audio in a user friendly Mp4 format. You can then analyse your own lesson, use it again to teach in the classroom or...

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Accessories - Drop in Charger

The universal drop in microphone charger is the easy way to keep your microphones tidy and chaged. Simply place your Teachers microphone and Student microphone into the charger when not in use.

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Accessories - Classroom Speakers

Additional Classroom speakers can be added to expand existing systems. Each unit combines an infrared sensor, two woofers with one tweeter and require just a single cable for simple installation.

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Accessories - Student Microphone

This easy to use Student Microphone connects via infrared to front row systems. Small and lightweight it is ideal for teaching students to use a microphone ready for public speaking. With smartcharge technology and A/B channel selectors it's...

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Accessories - Teacher Mic

The Frontrow teacher mic is lightweight and wireless with two inbuilt directional mics designed to fit around the teacher's neck. Its ergonomic design means it stays stable when moving around the classroom or leaning in to assists a student....

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