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Madsen Astera

The MADSEN Astera² is a state-of-the-art clinical audiometer that enables you to work with precision and flexibility, whether you practice in a major health care facility or a one-person office. It combines the best features of traditional, stand-alone audiometers and newer PC-based systems so you can store, share and report all data in our OTOsuite software universe or integrate directly with NOAH and Electronic Medical Records.

The control panel includes dedicated buttons and a new USB infrared transmitter connecting to video reinforcers allowing you to keep your focus on the patient. The dedicated test modalities for pediatrics, LIPread™ and the Tinnitus application includes numerous questionnaires offering to store, review and share data during the assessment.

Product Brochure

  • Light and compact (1.3 kg)
  • 2 channel audiometer
  • PC Based
  • 40 Watt built-in amplifier
  • High Frequency Testing (up to 20 kHz)
  • 105 dB HL output
  • 5 Free Field outputs
  • Configurable Masking Assistant
  • Real Hearing aids and Hearing Loss Simulators
  • Audiometric Control Panel (ACP)