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Madsen A450

The new Otometrics® Madsen A450 is a PC-based audiometer that runs on Otosuite® software and delivers tests and frequencies necessary to perform efficient air conduction, bone conduction and sound field testing.

The A450 is designed to help streamline your audiometry workflow and processes offering efficient hearing assessments and client counselling tools such as Hearing Loss and Hearing Instrument simulators, overlays, audiogram comparisons, the option of an integrated high resolution video otoscope and personalised hearing care reports.

*This new product is coming soon*


• AC, BC and Sound Field
• 125Hz – 8kHz
• –10 to 120 dB, 1 and 5 dB steps
• Pure Tone Average
• Binaural routing
• Masking Assistant™
• Otosuite® interface & reports
• Counseling and simulations module
• Embedded word lists, including QuickSIN™
• Noah integration