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GSI Audiostar Pro

The AudioStar Pro is a fast, efficient and versatile, two-channel clinical audiometer that can be used independently or with a computer for complete audiometric test evaluations for all patients. Its one-button, one function design and optional extra-large colour display results in an ergonomic and easy to use instrument. Perform fast, accurate pure tone and speech testing using phones (TDH, insert and high frequency), and bone oscillator.

Pre-configured special tests such as QuickSIN, TEN HL, ABLB, SISI and Tone Decay address the research trends in hearing evaluations. Integrated .wav files provide effortless access to commonly used word lists providing consistent and reliable recorded speech testing. The AudioStar Pro comes with everything needed to perform a diagnostic audiometric test battery with maximum speed and efficiency, and is Electronic Medical Record (EMR) compatible.

Product Brochure

  • Two independent channels
  • Air Conduction: 125 Hz to 12,000  Hz -10 dB HL to 120 dB HL
  • Full Frequency Range:125 Hz to 20,000 Hz  -20 dB HL to 100 dB HL
  • Bone Conduction: 250 Hz to 8,000 Hz -10 dB HL to 75 dB HL
  • Sound Field:125 Hz to 8,000 Hz -10 dB HL to 90 dB HL
  • Paired Inserts:125 Hz to 8,000 Hz -10 dB HL to 110 dB HL
  • Auxiliary Assistant intercom and headset
  • Special Tests Pre-configured such as QuickSIN, TEN HL, ABLB, SISI and Tone Decay
  • VRA Controls
  • On-Board navigation allows access to integrated wordlists and menu selections
  • Data transfer to PC or printer