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VRA and Puppet Boxes

Check out our range of Specialised products including Puppet Boxes, LED light boxes, Free Field Speaker Systems, Localisation Test Equipment, Hearing Loops and Digital VRA Systems.

Puppet Boxes

Precision Acoustics Puppet Boxes are specifically designed for Visual Reinforcement Audiometry. Boxes are easy to operate with a remote control panel having options to select each box, automated puppet, lights and sound as required.


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Digital VRA

Precision Acoustics Digital VRA system is a complete package that is easy to use in paediatric audiometry using infrared technology reducing unsightly cabling in your test facility.

Our system includes infrared full HD monitors available...

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LED Light Boxes

For the latest equipment for Visually Reinforced Orientation Audiometry our compact LED light boxes can be used in conjunction with or in place of Puppet Boxes.

Our LED light boxes offer an easy to select range of colours and patterns to...

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Free Field Systems

Our Technical officers will evaluate your facility and requirements then provide a customised speaker - amplifier combination that will allow testing at variable levels and frequencies to meet the conditions detailed in AS-ISO 8253 for Free Field...

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Localisation System

Our Precision Acoustics Sound Localisation System provides true 180 degree sound specifically designed for Cochlea implant work. It includes all equipment required to individually control up to 8 speakers with a signal of your choice. The...

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Parts & Accessories

Precision Acoustics provide a range of accessories for your Audiometric Equipment. Our technicians can even install replacement parts for you as required.


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