Test and Tag

Precision Acoustics have qualified and experienced personnel that can Test & Tag all of your office equipment in a cost effective manner causing minimal equipment downtime, contact us for a free quote or more information.

To assist all of our existing customers Precision Acoustics can Test and Tag your audiometric equipment at the time of calibration for only $6+GST. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please enquire at the time of booking your calibration or click here now.

In accordance with the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3760 all Electrical Equipment used in Laboratories, Health-care, and an office environment are subject to inspection and testing every 12 months. The Test and Tag includes an inspection for physical damage, a test of the Earthing Continuity and an Insulation test.


Audiometric Calibration Services

To assist your business and minimise your downtime we offer prompt, coordinated calibration and repair services. All work is accredited and competitively priced. Our clients include the Hearing Health Industry, Mining and Petroleum, Government, Industrial and Commercial. With extensive experience in audiometric and calibration services we are able to offer the following:

  • Full audiometer calibration program.
  • Calibration of free field and other audiometric equipment.
  • Calibration of Tympanometers and Impedance meters.
  • Certification testing of audiometric test booths.


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Hearing Booth Tests & Installations

When it comes to occupational Health, Precision Acoustics has the knowledge and ability to assist you in setting up your onsite audiometric testing facility anwhere in Australia. We supply, calibrate, and service a wide range of audiometric testing equipment and custom built or 'mini-booth' style hearing test booths.

Our experienced team can install booths and carry out ambient noise tests in a variety of locations from metropolitan facilities to remote communities Australia wide.

To see details of available booths see our Products section.

No location is too difficult for our Custom Modular booths, see photo of a booth being installed at a remote community on Elcho Island in the Northern Territory.


Noise Surveys

Precision Acoustics have fully Qualified Noise Officers ready to assist you to understand the Noise Levels in your workplace.


Safety is paramount in the workplace. It is common to use PPE including Safety Boots and Glasses as protection from physical harm.

Noise too has the potential to cause damage to employees. As it is unseen and unable to be measured without the proper training and equipment, it is often ignored or overlooked.


We carry out noise surveys promptly and produce detailed reports in conformance with Resources Safety Guidelines and Worksafe complying with Australian Standards that will help you:

  • Evaluate levels of noise your staff are exposed to
  • Identify noise sources
  • Select correct hearing protection
  • Apply noise reduction techniques
  • Understand requirements under Legislation and Australian Standards
  • Implement a Noise Management Program

We carry our Noise Surveys in any industry including small family businesses, industrial sites, fabrication, building sites, warehousing or transport hubs, the mining sector, Oil and Gas.


Action levels for noise in the workplace are as follows:

  • Worksafe - eight hr equivalent of 85dB (A) and a peak level of 140dB (C)
  • Department of Mines Industry Regulation & Safety - eight hr equivalent of 85dB (A) and a peak level of 140dB (Lin)
  • Commonwealth Departments - eight hr equivalent of 85dB (A) and a peak level of 140dB (C)
  • WorkCover testing required at - 90 dB (A) for an eight hr day

Any workplace that has levels above these is required by law to address the issue.

Contact us now to arrange a Noise Survey for your business.