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Madsen Aurical II

Otometrics Aurical

More flexible, efficient and convincing than ever.

The new AURICAL II supports the relationship between you and your clients and gives you both confidence. You can hide it. You can flaunt it. You can place it where you want it. And you can take it with you on the go. You can use it all together. Or separate it as you please. It lets you say goodbye once and for all to inflexible design and hello to a modular way of thinking.

It's based on the experiences of more than 15,000 users of the original AURICAL II. It has everything you need: A dedicated fitting audiometer. A wireless and binaural Probe Microphone Measurements (PMM) unit. Effective counseling tools. And a HIT box that works independently - or with the other components. The intuitive OTOsuite software integrates it all and supports the entire fitting process.

All in all the new AURICAL II provides you with a unique combination of intuitive tools that enable you to work in a professional and convincing manner helping your clients understand and appreciate the decisions and choices you make together.

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A complete, modular fitting solution.

You can use the modules separately, all together or combine them as you please.

The new AURICAL II is a complete, modular fitting solution in a stunning new design. It incorporates five elements: The Audiometer, the wireless PMM unit with REM, the loudspeaker, the HIT box and the OTOsuite software. You can use them all independently, or combine them as you prefer.

The fundamental core of the solution is the OTOsuite software. It seamlessly connects everything together in a single modern software suite. It is simple, yet advanced. And it fits every need in any kind of clinic.