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Front Row - Wireless Active Learning Systems

For use in general and special education classrooms.

Children require greater speech clarity than adults as their auditory processes aren’t fully developed. Front Row OptiVoice technology maximises clarity by emphasising speech frequencies that are most critical to comprehension, even during your classroom’s noisiest activities.

This makes it easier than ever to help improve student tests scores and behaviour whilst reducing absenteeism from vocal fatigue.

Front Row uses SmartCharge technology which protects against accidental recharging of alkaline batteries.

Active learning systems have been used by our supplier, Phonic Ear USA since 1990. The content of this website is courtesy of Phonic Ear Inc, with minor amendments relevant to Precision Acoustics and Australia, statistics and survey material mentioned relate to the USA Frontrow™ a trademark of Phonic Ear Inc, USA.


Front Row To Go

Front Row to Go

One speaker cannot cover an entire room. Front Rows Duo technology is a two speaker line array that ensures this portable system is the only self-contained amplification system capable of fully covering an entire classroom or outdoor playing field-up to 90 meters.

• The built-in battery can last a full day without recharging.
• Front Row to go is free of lead and other materials harmful to the environment and therefore the most environmentally friendly system of its kind.
• Optional student pass around microphone
• Hands free operation-includes body worn transmitter and boom microphone.
• Installation free-completely portable
• Easily connects with ipods, stereos or CD players
• Can amplify two teachers at once

Front Row Tempo - wireless active learning system

Front Row Tempo

Wireless FM active learning system and Front Row Pro-wireless infra red active learning system. Base set-up uses 4 speakers. Additional speakers can be used if required.

• team-teaching adaptable
• high-performance speakers
• transmitter mute
• three-band equalizer
• aux-in, aux-out capabilities
• attractive compact design
• strong interfer¬ence rejection.
• Super light-weight transmitter
• Simple, user-friendly front panel
• Can use lapel microphone or headset with microphone

Front Row Pro Digital - wireless active learning system

Front Row Pro Digital

This system is extremely energy efficient using well under half the electricity of other sound systems. Base set-up uses 4 speakers. Additional speakers can be used if required.

• Adapto Digital Platform-digital signal processing, automatic feedback suppression which means teachers can move freely without fear of harsh interruptions
•Intelligent power management to increase energy efficiency
• One touch operation
• Two channel infra red reception
• Two stereo aux inputs
• One mono aux output
• Built in infra red sensor
• Energy saving stand by mode
• Pendant microphone has two built in directional mics, two channel infrared transmitter, lightweight and comfortable
• Optional body-worn transmitter with lapel microphone available

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