Pro Digital

FrontRow Pro Digital is the multi-speaker Teachers Aid that is quick to install and easy to use. By simply wearing the small FrontRow microphone your voice is clearly delivered in a clear superior quality to all students throughout the classroom.

Using Adaptive intelligence, automatic functions include self-monitoring of sound quality 375 times per second, instinctive suppression of feedback, automatic "sleep" mode when not in use or muted and instant "wake up mode" when the Microphone is activated.

This package includes two IR speakers each including two woofers, one tweeter and infrared sensors with advanced optics to ensure consistent signal pick-up of the microphones, so users can talk from any location without dropout.

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Pro-Digital Video Review 

Pro-Digital Vs Juno comparison Video

  • Can integrate with other classroom technology including PCs and interactive Whiteboards.
  • Digital command and control of voice.
  • Digitally-processed stereo sound
  • Automatic feedback suppression and speech clarification
  • Energy-saving sleep mode — wakes up when teachers start speaking
  • Microphone is Light, comfortable and wireless
  • Each speaker unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an IR sensor, to provide stereo sound.
Pro Digital Review
Pro Digital Review
Pro Digital vs Juno
Pro Digital vs Juno