The GSI 39 AutoTymp provides a flexible, screening product for tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements and audiometry to meet your testing needs today and in the future. It is available in 5 different versions. Choose the features needed today and upgrade easily to the additional features as your needs grow in the future. These upgrades can be done in your facility by your local GSI authorized distributor.

In addition, each version can also provide the option of 1 kHz testing capability for tympanometry (version 5 only) and tympanometry/ reflexes (version 1 through 4). The addition of 1 kHz allows tympanometry and tympanometry/reflex testing on babies under 6 months of age. This is a helpful tool when isolating the likely cause of a“refer”from a newborn hearing screening program.

Both manual and automated audiometry are available with the GSI 39 versions 3 and 4. During manual audiometry, the operator controls the selection of frequencies, signal format (steady, pulsed and FM), intensity, tone presentation and identification of the hearing threshold values per frequency tested. For automated audiometry, the test protocol is selected in the Program mode and includes frequencies to be tested, signal format, intensity range and scoring rules. Once the test begins, test sequence is controlled by the GSI 39 based upon the operation of the optional hand switch by the person being tested.

Test results are displayed as an audiogram on the LCD as they become available. These results can be printed in a tabular or audiogram format.

The standard headset for Audiometry is theTDH 39. However, the EAR 3A/5A insert phones may be added as an option. It is possible to store the calibration values for both sets of transducers so that a button press selects the transducer for testing.

  • Built in USB port
  • NOAH compatible
  • Built-in printer available
  • Can store 12 tests in Memory

Tympanometry –1kHz

  • Admittance at +200 daPa (C1)
  • Admittance at tymp peak (mmhos)
  • Pressure at tymp peak (daPa)


  • Reflex tracings and dB HL values
  • dB HL values only
  • Yes/No response