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GSI Typmstar Pro

The GSI Tympstar Pro Clinical Middle Ear Analyzer is the ideal Tympanometer to optimize efficiency and workflow with the flexibility of pre-defined protocols that enables the user to move through a complete range of precise middle-ear testing for all patient populations.

Each TympStar Pro is equipped with three probe tones, 226, 678 and 1000 Hz, simultaneously record and store multiple tympanometry admittance (Y/B/G) for each tracing and determine if abnormal tympanogram is the result of tympanic membrane defect or ossicular chain disorder.

Large touch screen technology allows you to simply change test ears and parameters. Immittance, probe tone, sweep rate and other parameters may be adjusted to meet the needs of individual patients as they arise. Middle ear analysis has never been more intuitive and efficient.  Tymp Touch Technology combines easy to read options and a logical layout to ensure the examiner is able to focus on the patient instead of the equipment. 

Evaluate neural integrity with complete confidence using the multiplex pulsed-tone stimulus for reflex threshold testing.   The enhanced threshold seek function displays all reflex intensities and provides multiple options to evaluate reflex growth.  Seamlessly move through the neural integrity evaluation while saving time and observing responses in real time.


  • Intuitive 12” Touch Screen colour display
  • Familiar Ergonomic Design, one-button, one-function
  • Shoulder Box Controls
  • User Specific Test Protocols
  • Easy Import / Export of data GSI Suite and Noah
  • Simultaneous Multicomponent Tympanometry
  • Stores up to 100 tests on instrument
  • Auto Start screening and diagnostic
  • Add comments with wireless keyboard
  • Multiplex pulsed-tone stimuli for reflex
  • Customizable Tympanogram Classification
  • Multiple probe tone frequencies of 226, 678 or 1000 Hz
  • Manual Pump Control
  • Stand-Alone or PC Enabled