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Oscilla 930

The Oscilla SM930 automatic Screening Audiometer is an easy to use device with easy to read displays, 3 automatic hearing tests and storage capacity for 90 audiograms. This data can then be printed or transferred to a PC in a format acceptable to most existing patient filing systems.

All functions are controlled by an advanced microprocessor, which offers stability and durability. The built-in tone generator is crystal driven avoiding distortion and making it insensitive to temperature fluctuations

  • USB port for PC-connection
  • Noise free push buttons.
  • 11 frequencies: 125 - 8000 Hz
  • 10 dB to 110 dB in steps of 5 dB
  • NOAH compatible by the AudioConsole software
  • Storage capacity: 90 audiograms
  • Option of visualizing the audiogram during the test
  • Manual or automatic test (3 automatic tests) Serial and Parallel port.
  • Transducers: AIR: TDH39 or DD45