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DMP Approved Noise Officer Training Course

*** Please note: Due to COVID-19 pandemic all Noise Officer Course dates are pending.***

The course is run over a four day period involving a mix of theory and practical sessions.

A written exam is set for the last day.

On the final day of the course, the participants are required to perform a noise survey of a nominated site. A noise report that conforms to the guidelines of DOIR is required to be written using the data collected from these measurements. This has to be submitted within one month of completion of the formal course.

If the written exam has been passed and the submitted report is acceptable, then a second independently prepared noise report is required. This report is marked as part of the total assessment process.

On successful completion of these requirements, the participants may apply for registration as Noise Officers.

If you have a Sound Level Meter that you plan to use for future measurements, it is advisable to bring this with you to the course. You should have a basic knowledge of the operation of the Sound Level Meter that you bring along.

The Noise Officer qualification is valid for 5 years, every 5 years thereafter Noise Officers are required to complete the 2 day refresher course.

Need more information? Email Ian.

Course dates will be confirmed 2 weeks before commencement date.

Course cost includes all course materials, exam fees, and morning and afternoon tea.


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