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Parts & Accessories

Precision Acoustics we provide a range of parts and accessories for your Audiometric Equipment. Our technicians can also repair and install replacement parts as required. Contact us for more information.

Wireless Microphone System

Redback 16 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone system.        only $250.00 each

The perfect entry level wireless microphone system for clubs, restaurants, function centres, wedding ceremonies and alike.

Produce a clear, crisp vocal...

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Patient Response Button

We stock Patient Response Buttons for your audiometer. Thay are small and easy to replace, simply unplug your existing patient response button and plug in the new.

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TDH39 Headset

Audiometric TDH39 headset complete for air conduction testing.  Includes enclosures, headband and cable.

NOTE: This headset assembly must be calibrated with the audiometer it is to be used with.  

We also supply a range of...

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Headset cables

Damaged headset leads are a common cause of intermittent signals during testing. We stock a range of headset leads and can replace them for your existing headset.

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Cushions for Headsets

We stock a range of replacement cushions and can arrange fitment to the existing headset used with your audiometer.

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E A Rlink Foam Eartips for Insert Earphones

E A Rlink Foam Eartips for Insert Earphones in various sizes inclusing 3A, 3B & 3C

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Bone Conductor

Bone Conductor headset complete.

Parts also available separately if required, including headband or cable.

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Paper Rolls for Audiometers or Tympanometers

Audiometer, Tympanometer or OAE paper rolls, variaous styles, various sizes available. If we don't stock it we can order as required.


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Talkback Headset

Talkback headset with volume control, microphone mute, standrd 3.5mm audio port, high quality sterio audio output.

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Patch Leads

Patch leads for Audiometers. Standard 6.5mm mono or stereo patch leads.

Custom made patch leads, various plugs and lengths also available.

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Hearing Booth Handles

Hearing Booth handles. Varios styles available, contact us to arrange repair or replacement onsite

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Patch Boxes for Hearing Booths

Patch boxes for Hearing booths.

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Replacement headbands for Audiometers, including new, second hand and replacement parts.

If your headset is damaged bring it in and our technicians can repair or replace it for you. 

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Carry Cases

We supply a range of robust cases for your Audiometric Equipment. 

Cases come with purge valves for an airtight seal, ribbed ABS construction, stainless steel hinge pins, O-ring seals and very solid catches. The lids are lined with...

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Amplifier 50W

Hylex PA Amplifier 50W            $90.00 each

A versatile PA amplifier that can be powered from either mains power or 12VDC for portable applications like busking or spruiking. Features two microphone inputs and 1 Auxilary input with...

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Pro Digital System

Pro Digital System with IR Speakers            

This package is ideal for larger classsrooms including the Pro Digital receiver and features FrontRow's exclusive stereo infrared speakers.

Each IR speaker unit combines two woofers,...

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