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Oscilla TSM-300

Oscilla TSM-300 - Easy-to-Use Screening Tympanometer

The TSM-300 tympanometer is a reliable and easy to use device for screening environments. With its unique automatic probe seal design it is straightforward to fit the probe and ensure a better seal.

To start a new test you simply turn on the device and insert the probe. During the test you may monitor the result live on the display, which include: graphic tympanogram and reflex test, middle ear pressure (daPa), ear canal volume (ml), compliance (ml) and tympanogram width (daPa).

TSM-300 comes equipped with a serial port that lets you connect either a small and handy Thermal printer or a PC cable for data transfer to the AudioConsole software. AudioConsole provides you with a powerful platform with an easy user-interface, customizable reports and a solution that lets you adapt it to your particular needs.

Design as well as advanced technology is put in front with the TSM-300. The aluminium casing gives an exclusive look and is still robust while protecting it from damaging electromagnetic radiation from surrounding equipment.

  • Tympanometric pressure range: -300 to +200 daPa

Ipsilateral reflex test:

  • 5 frequencies: 500Hz, 1Khz, 2Khz, 3Khz and 4Khz
  • Test level of 105 dB at all frequencies

Probe tone:

  • Frequency: 226 Hz ± 1%
  • Amplitude: 85 dB SPL in 2ml, ± 3dB
  • Built-in memory for 20 measurements
  • Simplified use: turn on the device and insert probe
  • Printing through parallel or serial port (Thermal printer)
  • PC connection to AudioConsole software via serial port
  • NOAH compatible
Dimensions: 295 x 180 x 55 mm
Power supply: 12V AC Mains adapter
Weight: 1000 g (device only)