Hearing Loops

Induction hearing loop systems comprise of microphone/s, an amplifier and a "loop" of cable laid around the room that transmits a magnetic field to be received by the hearing aid, cochlear implant or loop receiver.

Our professional range of loop amplifiers including the PL150, PL300 or PL450 are designed to enhance speech understanding for the hearing impaired audience. Precision Acoustics can provide a range of loop systems to suit your needs.

Beginning with the loop mat at 26cm x 34cm designed for small areas such as an information counter, meeting table or office desk. The loop mat is contained within a vinyl mat and therefore there are no wires to install around the perimeter of the room.

Medium systems are available with small amplifiers for home use or waiting rooms through to large systems for use in large meeting halls. It's possible to connect the loop amplifier to an existing PA system or even connect speakers to some of the loop amplifiers.

Systems can be modified depending on availability of laying cables in the building, other magnetic fields, background noise, number of voices or sound sources to be collected, number of people using the loop and any privacy requirements.

Contact Precision Acoustics for more information or assistance in selecting an Induction hearing loop system to suit your needs.