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Pro Digital

FrontRow Pro Digital is the multi-speaker Teachers Aid that is quick to install and easy to use. By simply wearing the small FrontRow microphone your voice is clearly delivered in a clear superior quality to all students throughout the classroom.

Using Adaptive intelligence, automatic functions include self-monitoring of sound quality 500 times per second, instinctive suppression of feedback, automatic "sleep" mode when not in use or muted and instant "wake up mode" when needed.

  • Can integrate with other classroom technology including PCs and interactive Whiteboards.
  • Digital command and control of voice.
  • Digitally-processed stereo sound
  • Automatic feedback suppression and speech clarification
  • Energy-saving sleep mode — wakes up when teachers start speaking
  • Microphone is Light, comfortable and wireless
  • Each speaker unit combines two woofers, one tweeter, an IR sensor, to provide stereo sound.