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Oscilla USB 350

The Oscilla® USB-350B and USB-350BS are two state-of-the-art PC-based diagnostic audiometers. They are designed specifically to be small and compact and yet easy and quick to use in the daily work.

Powered by a 24-bit digital audio engine and equipped with lots of useful features, the Oscilla® USB-350B and USB-350BS is a perfect match for all diagnostic environments, be it hearing doctors, clinics, occupational healthcare or likewise.

  • 11 frequencies (125 - 8000 Hz)
  • From -10 to 110 dB in 5 dB steps
  • Left, right and binaural
  • Air and bone conductor
  • Pulse and warble tone
  • 4 automatic test
  • Automatic SISI test
  • Narrow Band Masking
  • Interfaces to patient journal systems
  • 24-bit digital audio quality
  • AudioConsole software:
  • Database
  • Customizable report generator
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Noah compatible