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Oscilla 960

Oscilla SM960-C or D model is a flexible and versatile diagnostic memory audiometer. It is packed with a robust suite of features including automatic tests, several input connections, 2 channels and several masking types.

Design as well as advanced technology is put in front with the SM960-C. The aluminium casing gives an exclusive look and is still robust while protecting it from damaging electromagnetic radiation from surrounding equipment.

  • 11 frequencies (125 – 8000 Hz) - selectable 
  • From -10 to 120 dB in 1 or 5 dB steps 
  • 2 channel device makes it flexible 
  • Connections for headphones, bone conductor, insert phone and free field 
  • Pulse and Warble tone 
  • Manual and automatic test (3 automatic tests) 
  • Speech audiometry by live voice or tape/CD 
  • Several masking types (NB, WN, SN) 
  • Automatic SISI test  ABLB test 
  • Noise-free push buttons 
  • PC-interface via serial port 
  • Parallel port for printing 
  • Noah compatible