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Oscilla 920

Oscilla SM920-P requires a minimum of training to use, equipped with automatic 20dB random test, pulse and warble tone it is a modern manual / automatic audiometer with built-in printer perfectly suited to a screener environment.  

Via the serial port, it is easy and quick to transfer measurement data to a PC either automatic or manually by pressing the Transmit button. Furthermore you can follow the hearing test on-screen while it is being made and at the same time save it to a PC for later review. 
If you do not have a program to transfer the measurement data to, you may use the AudioConsole program developed by Inmedico as an optional extra. Here you get a graphic audiogram updated live while the hearing test is being made, intuitive user interface and flexible print-out reports. 
Design as well as advanced technology is put in front with the SM920-P. The aluminum casing gives an exclusive look and is still robust while protecting it from damaging electromagnetic radiation from surrounding equipment.

  • 11 frequencies (125 – 8000 Hz) 
  • From  -10 to 110 dB in 5 dB steps
  • Pulse tone  
  • Warble tone 
  • Manual and automatic test (20 dB Random test) 
  • Built-in printer for quick test result printout 
  • Noise-free push buttons 
  • Connection for PC via serial port 
  • Noah compatible 
  • AudioConsole software
  • Optional Accessories:   Peltor noise reducing headset mounted with earphones, patient response, built-in printer, mains adapter, Carrying bag, PC cable,